2016 Pear

AMERICAN YEAST (SONOMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA) Pear, Cloves, Honey, Milk Chocolate Poire, Clous de Girofle, Miel, Chocolat au Lait AGED IN STAINLESS STEEL Order a case of 12 bottles $360 plus tax & shipping SOLD OUT

Potter settlement artisan wines Vidal Blanc

2016 Vidal Blanc

FRENCH YEAST (NARBONNE, OCCITANIE) Honeydew Melon, Candied Currant, Grapefruit, Honeysuckle Honeydew Melon, Groseilles Confites, Pamplemousse, Chèvrefeuille AGED IN STAINLESS STEEL Order a case of 12 bottles $300 plus tax & shipping

2016 Geisenheim Riesling

GERMAN YEAST (DONNERSDORF, BAVARIA) Citrus Tangerine, Orance, Lemon, Dried Apricot, Pear Tangerine Citrus, Orange, Citron, Abricot Sec, Poire AGED IN BAVARIAN OAK (QUERCUS ROBUR) Steinackerhof, Dachsberg, Black Forest, Germany / Stainless Steel Order a case of 12 bottles $300 plus tax & shipping

2016 Frontenac Blanc

2016 Frontenac Blanc

FRENCH YEAST (MONTRACHET, GRAND CRU, BURGUNDY) Honey, Caramel, Campfire Marshmallow, Starfruit Miel, Caramel, Gimauve au Camp de Feu, Fruit Étoilé AGED IN STAINLESS STEEL   SOLD OUT Stay tuned for a new batch soon.

Potter settlement artisan wines Frontenac rouge

2016 Frontenac Rouge

FRENCH YEAST (DIJON, BURGUNDY) Black Cherries, Blackberry, Black Currant, Black Plum Cerises Noires, Mûre, Cassis, Prune Noir AGED IN CANADIAN OAK (QUERCUS ALBA) Lake Ontario North Shore Forest, Canada Order a case of 12 bottles $360 plus tax & shipping

2016 Marquette

2016 Marquette

AUSTRALIAN YEAST (HUNTER VALLEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) Black Currant, Peppercorn, Cherries, Dark Chocolate Groseilles Noires, Grains de Poivre, Cerises, Chocolat Noire AGED IN FRENCH OAK< (QUERCUS PETRAEA) Sessile Oak, Trançais, Allier Forest, France  

Potter settlement artisan wines pinot noir

2016 Pinot Noir

FRENCH YEAST (CHINON, VOUGEOT, BURGUNDY) Currants, Earth, Spice, Caramel, Truffles Groseilles, Terre, Épices, Caramel, Truffes AGED IN SESSILE OAK (QUERCUS PETRAEA)ALLIERS Forest, France Order a case of 12 bottles $480 plus tax & shipping

Potter settlement artisan wines Cabernet Franc

2016 Cabernet Franc

FRENCH YEAST (CHINON, LOIRE VALLEY, BORDEAUX) Raspberries, Red Plum, Roasted Pepper, Chili Pepper Framboises, Prunes Rouges, Poivre Rôti, Piment AGED IN CANADIAN OAK (QUERCUS ROBUR) Fontainebleau-Jupille, Vosges Forest, France  

quinte News: Potter Settlement recieves award

Potter Settlement receives award A local winery has received a big honour internationally. Sandor Johnson’s the Owner of Potter Settlement Wines and says they have received a huge feather in not only their cap, but also for local wine and the region. Johnson says their 2016 Marquette red wine was awarded an honour by the Intervin  […]

quinte News: Honours continue for Johnson/potter settlement

HONOURS CONTINUE FOR JOHNSON/POTTER SETTLEMENT It has been a big few weeks for a local winery and its owner. Earlier this month Quinte News told you that Potter Settlement Artisan Winery in Tweed received an honour at the Intervin International Wine Awards. MP Mike Bossio, Sandor Johnson and PM Justin Trudeau at Parliament in Ottawa (Photo: Sandor […]